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Residential Aerobic Septic Systems

How Residential Aerobic Septic Systems work

Home aerobic aerobic septic systems, or aerobic treatment systems, are small scale sewage treatment systems similar to a septic tank system, but which uses an aerobic process for digestion rather than just the anaerobic process used in septic systems.

Aerobic Treatment Systems have three compartments: the trash tank, the treatment plant, and the pump tank. These can be installed as separate units or housed under one unit. First, the liquid and solid waste enters the trash tank and settles into layers, just like conventional septic systems. Next the wastewater travels to the treatment plant, where an aerator circulates oxygen bubbles throughout the effluent.This added oxygen provides a stable environment for the aerobic microbes, which break down waste faster and more effectively than anaerobic microbes used in conventional systems. Next, the wastewater travels into the pump tank for one last treatment with chlorine or another form of disinfectant to eliminate the remaining pathogens. From here, it is considered environmentally safe enough to use on surface vegetation before the final phase of treatment, absorption into soil.
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