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Sewage Treatment Plant Operators

Tex Tech Environmental, Inc. employs TCEQ licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ) is the state agency that protects public health and natural resources, so that people here in Texas can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and expect the safe management of waste.

To be in good standing as a, we are required to meet verifiable educational and occupational requirements, take wastewater-approved training, pass licensing exams, and complete 30 hours of continuing education courses to maintain and renew our periodic license to operate. All of our personnel are also required to report any criminal history activity.

Our plant operators make sure that your plant is working efficiently. TCEQ permit states the number of days that our operators be on-site, usually 5 days a week.

Let us know how we can help with your wastewater treatment system needs. Construction, maintenance and/or operation.

We Know Water Treatment Systems

Construction, Processes, and Functions

  • Meet the highest standards set for the design and construction of wastewater collection, pumping, treatment, and disposal systems
  • Understand the function of pumps and pumping stations, treatment facilities, wastewater treatment ponds, and lagoons
  • Know how laboratory testing for proper control of wastewater treatment processes function
  • Know how to define source, estimate quantity, basic physical and chemical composition, the basic wastewater treatment processes
  • Understand the functioning of aerobic and anaerobic digestion
  • Understand the functioning of wastewater sludge treatment and disposal of bio-solids
  • Know various alternative methods of treated effluent disposal or reuse
  • Know the features (flow patterns and comparative detention times) of various modes of activated sludge wastewater treatment processes)


  • Safe procedures for self and all employees engaged in wastewater treatment
  • Develop safety training programs for wastewater collection and treatment personnel
  • Recognize hazards for wastewater collection and treatment personnel, and be able to work safely without constant supervision


  • Know how to solve volume, flow rate, dosage rate, etc. as related to wastewater flow, collection, and treatment situations
  • Understand laboratory analyses and be able to interpret results of various laboratory tests, and make proper adjustments to treatment processes
  • Know how to diagnose operational problems


  • Be able to compare various kinds of equipment, chemicals, and procedures to determine the most appropriate method of cleaning and maintenance of collection system facilities.
  • Understand the need for de-chlorination of treated wastewater effluents and the pros and cons of various other methods of wastewater disinfection
  • Know the effects of untreated or partially treated effluents on receiving streams
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